Open Source Projects

qdate - A date and time zone management utility for Erlang.

fed - A command-line utility for fuzzy finding files to edit. The name is short for Finding Editor.

SQL Bridge - An Erlang library for a unified interface to SQL databases. Not exactly an ORM, but has some ORM-like properties.

Sliderl - An Erlang-based, markdown slideshow web app. You drop your slides into the "slides" directory, and the web app shows. This is what runs.

Watch Me Code - As both a service and for fun, we will sometimes screencap the development of client products to share with the client. This is a couple of completely undocumented scripts that we use to convert the screencap and set it to music.

Yabbie - Yabbie is our blogging engine and content management system (written in Erlang with the Nitrogen Web Framework) that is currently in development is not currently open, but is planned to be open sourced soon. This site, BracketPal, and SeedingPal are all built on some variant of Yabbie.