If you wish to be an early user of our Yabbie software, please Let us know.

Yabbie is our home-grown blogging engine written in Erlang using the Nitrogen Web Framework. It's the framework upon which this particular site is built, and most of our Erlang-based products are based on this in some fashion or another.

We're working frantically to bring this into an open-source product, but we'll also be running a Yabbie-based hosting system for any users wishing to take advantage of our blogging engine. Currently, it uses MySQL as the backend, and soon will be employing our ridiculously simple caching engine, BucketCache, also soon to be open sourced.

Being based on Erlang and Nitrogen gives us unmatched multitasking capability, allowing live updates with minimal overhead, and massive scalability capabilities using Erlang's crazy simple clustering capabilities.

Yabbie is an acronym for Yet Another Blog But In Erlang.