Version 2.3 of the Nitrogen Web Framework will feature a new element called #sync_panel{} (which is currently already in master on Github) for simplifying the realtime synchronization of contents of a Nitrogen #panel (really just an HTML div).... (more)


This is a question some folks have asked me, and I feel compelled to explain why I added a plugin system to Nitrogen 2.2.0. Ultimately, yes, most of what the plugin system does can be done with some shell scripts and rebar pre- or post-hooks. And, honestly, this is sort of how the plugin system works.... (more)


Fed is a command-line tool for speeding up the editing of files with minimal typing by eliminating the need to navigate directories.... (more)


Up until very recently, adding Nitrogen to an existing application was an exercise in frustration, even for Erlang veterans. This is no longer the case, adding Nitrogen to an existing application is now a snap with the new embed helper script.... (more)


With the release of Erlang R15B02, the ability to generate what are called "slim releases" was added to the Erlang reltool application. Basically, a normal release as generated by Erlang's reltool application contains not only your application's code, but also a complete Erlang installation and all dependency applications, while a slim release does not contain the full Erlang installation.... (more)


Both Daylight Saving Time and timezones are abominations and should be burned in the fires of Mount Doom. As I do not happen to have a pair of hobbits nearby, nor am I convinced that Mount Doom even exists in New Zealand, I must deal with these problems myself.... (more)


These server issues I've had the past few days have gotten me thinking about resurrecting and completely rewriting eSonar, the server monitoring system that I was working on that ultimately was the catalyst to quitting my full time job almost 10 years ago to launch into the risky world of "being your own boss."... (more)


In almost all software projects, from games to open source libraries, to programming language releases, there are change logs provided that list all or the majority of the changes to the software for the public to know what's changing. Sometimes, those changelogs are loooong, too long for skimming.... (more)


When storing passwords, the only proper secure method is to run the passwords through some hashing algorithm. A hashing algorithm takes a string of characters or bytes and converts them into a new string which cannot be reversed into the original string. For years, MD5 and SHA were the common hashes used for storing passwords in web application, however due to significant improvements to hardware speed and parallelism, MD5 and SHA (even salted MD5 and SHA) have proven to be completely ineffective in the event of a password table leak.... (more)


I would love a music playlist software or service (like Spotify) specifically for classical and multi-movement music that properly grouped movements by track, categorized, randomized, and ultimately treated multi-movement pieces as they should be: as a single work.... (more)