Payment Postback for Erlang

PPB is an application/framework for Erlang Web Development (currently only with Nitrogen, though it can be modified to support others) to simplify integration with payment processors. Currently it supports Stripe and PayPal, and Dwolla and Bitcoin support are planned.

It will simplify your online checkout system, and employ a series of Erlang postbacks in the form of process messages or function callbacks. By providing a unified interface for the programmer and a unified message system, the method your customers choose for payment will be handled in the same way. This will help minimize the work needed to process payments on your site.

Beyond simplifying the checkout and payment process for your web applications, it places the emphasis on the PCI-Compliance avoidance. That is, it's built to make sure the credit card numbers never touch your servers, thereby eliminating an entire class of PCI-compliance you would otherwise have to endure to process cards.

It will be available as open source (license still undecided) soon on Github.