Website Idea: Changelog Voting and Skimming


In almost all software projects, from games to open source libraries, to programming language releases, there are change logs provided that list all or the majority of the changes to the software for the public to know what's changing. Sometimes, those changelogs are loooong, too long for skimming.

As a result, it could be useful to add a crowdsourced way to skim the changes, where the community would cast their votes for each line-item of the changelog asking each user to answer the question: "Is this significant to me?" If so, thumb it up. If not, leave it alone.

This would provide at least some kind of way to skim a changelog, as the software could then highlight the items with the most votes with larger fonts, colors, or whatnot.

We could even provide some kind of threshold selector (think Slashdot's thresholds for comments) that would simply filter out the less significant changes (ie, typo fixes in documentation), and allow the more high-profile.

Inspired by a question on Hacker News about the new R16A Erlang Release which asks "Is there a convenient list that I can read that shows what feature changes have been introduced to Erlang in the last 10 years?", this could provide exactly the answer to that question. Simply refer the user to your changelog on this app or website, and the user could choose to see it by a date range, and by a minimum significance threshold.

This is an interesting, and I suspect a proof of concept could be put together rather quickly. Maybe if I find some time this week (yeah, right!)