About Jesse

Hi, my name is Jesse, and Sigma Star Systems is my baby, though I've worked at SportsEngine since October 2017 (when they acquired BracketPal).

Here's some stuff about me:

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and have been programming since 1997. I've been married since 2007 and I'm a father as of September 2012. I am also an avid PC gamer, board gamer, and I dabble in board game design. I also have a history of music composition, though it's been over 2 decades since I last wrote music. I also use to play a lot of beach volleyball.

Here is my CV.

Open Source Projects:
  • Nitrogen (Erlang web framework) - Project Leader
  • qdate (Erlang date and timezone manager) - Creator
  • Sync (Erlang auto compiler) - Maintainer
  • SimpleBridge (Erlang web server abstraction layer) - Project Leader
  • Canister (Erlang and Nitrogen distributed session management) - Creator
  • SQL Bridge (Erlang SQL database adapter) - Creator
  • Payment Postback (Payment processing for Nitrogen) - Creator
  • ChicagoBoss (Erlang web framework) - Former Team Member

  • Publications:
  • Build it with Nitrogen (Book) - Released November 2020.

  • Videos of Talks and Panels:
  • Fireside Chat: Nova and Nitrogen - CodeBEAM V EU2021
  • Rapid Application Development with Nitrogen - Chicago Erlang Conference 2014
  • Fireside Chat: Nova and Nitrogen - CodeBEAM V EU 2021
  • Erlang and Web Scale Panel - Chicago Erlang Factory Lite 2013
  • Intro to Erlang Web Frameworks - Milwaukee Functional Programming Group, Sep 2013
  • Erlang Gotchas - Chicago Erlang User Group, Feb 2014

  • Slides from Talks I've given:
  • slides.sigma-star.com

  • I can be reached at any of the following:


    Social Networks
    Bluesky: @gumm.io
    Mastodon: @chops@fosstodon.org
    Twitter (@jessegumm)

    Developer networks, chat platforms, and other fora
    Hacker News
    Nitrogen Project Discord (as Chops)
    Erlang Slack (as Chops, typically in #nitrogen)