About Jesse

Hi, my name is Jesse, and Sigma Star Systems is my baby, and I work at SportsEngine since October, 2017 (when BracketPal was acquired by them Here's some stuff about me:

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and have been programming since 1997. I've been married since 2007 and I'm a father as of September 2012. I am also an avid beach volleyball player, PC gamer, and I dabble in board game design. I also have a history of music composition, though it's been nearly 2 decades since I last wrote music.

Here is my CV.

Open Source Projects:
  • Nitrogen (Erlang web framework) - Project Leader
  • qdate (Erlang Date and timezone manager) - Creator
  • Sync (Erlang auto compiler) - Maintainer
  • SimpleBridge (Erlang web server abstraction layer) - Project Leader
  • SQL Bridge (Erlang SQL database adapter) - Creator
  • Payment Postback (Payment processing for Nitrogen) - Creator
  • ChicagoBoss (Erlang web framework) - Former Team Member

  • Publications:
  • Build it with Nitrogen (Book) - In pre-release.

  • Videos of Talks and Panels:
  • Rapid Application Development with Nitrogen - Chicago Erlang Conference 2014
  • Erlang and Web Scale Panel - Chicago Erlang Factory Lite 2013
  • Intro to Erlang Web Frameworks - Milwaukee Functional Programming Group, Sep 2013
  • Erlang Gotchas - Chicago Erlang User Group, Feb 2014

  • Slides from Talks I've given:
  • slides.sigma-star.com

  • I can be reached at any of the following:


    Social Networks
    Twitter (@jessegumm)
    Google Plus

    Developer Networks
    Hacker News

    Username chops on FreeNode. I'm active in the channels #nitrogen, #erlang, and #startups